07 - Belgium - Registration and/or tuition fees

Enrolment in a university or a non-university higher education institution is subject to the payment of a registration fee.

Every year, the student is required to pay a registration feeat the higher education institution of his/her choice. The level of this fee varies depending on the institution and the type of course taken.

For the academic year 2008-2009, the fees are set as follows:

For universities:

  • standard fee: €812
  • concessionary fee (low-income students): €471

For non-university higher education:

  • standard fee: maximum€812
  • concessionary fee (low-income students): maximum€471

Since the academic year 2006-2007, the total fees that students are required to pay on enrolment in non-university higher education (statutory registration fee, supplementary fees and charges relating to actual costs) may not exceed €812 (€471 in the case of low-income students), except at art colleges, architecture colleges and the image technology, applied communication and press and information sections of the hautes écoles. Institutions which were not previously in compliance with these maximum levels have five years starting from academic year 2007-2008 in which to comply with the new legislation.

Many students work to pay for part of their studies. Study grants are awarded in higher education. Grant-assisted students pay reduced registration fees: €109 for university education and a maximum of €109 (including statutory registration fee, supplementary fees and charges relating to actual costs) in non-university higher education.

Certain students (e.g. students repeating a year or third-cycle doctorands) benefit from a reduced concessionary fee (€442 according to the ‘Bologna Decree’, reduced by certain universities in response to students’ demands).

These amounts are indexed every year. Students from non-European Union countries have to pay specific registration fees (up to €1,984).

Non-university higher education traditionally perceives ‘supplemental fees’, which non-grant-aided students must pay in addition to the registration fees mentioned above. A decree adopted in July 2005 regularizes, limits and in time will suppress these supplemental fees: in 2005-2006 they may not exceed the fees for 2004-2005, in following years they will be progressively reduced.

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Date: 2009
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