Czech Republic - Introduction

The tertiary education sector is divided into higher education and education at vyšší odborné školy. Traditionally, higher education is provided by vysoké školy at levels ISCED 5A and 6, while tertiary professional education is provided by more practically oriented vyšší odborné školy (ISCED 5B).

Vyšší odborné vzdělání is also offered by conservatoires.

Since 2001 the three cycle structure has strictly been implemented in higher education:

  • Bachelor's study programme (ISCED 5A),
  • Master's study programme (ISCED 5A),
  • Doctoral study programme (ISCED 6).

Where required by the nature of the study programme the Master's programme does not have to follow up the Bachelor's programme, but in this case it is a non-structured study.

As higher education and education at vyšší odborné školy are regulated by different Acts and regulations, the two types of education are dealt with separately in this chapter.

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Date: 2009
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