Greece - Introduction

country: Greece

Tertiary Education in Greece is public, it is provided free of charge and comprises of two levels: a) Higher and b) University level. The Higher Educational Institutions (AEI), according to article 16, paragraph 5 of the Constitution, are the institutions of higher education which comprise of parallel areas: The University sector which includes universities, polytechnic schools and the Higher School of Fine Arts (ΑΣΚΤ/ASKT).

The Technological sector of higher education includes Technological Education Institutes (TEI) and the Higher School for Teachers of Technological Education (ΑΣΠΑΙΤΕ/ASPAITE).

Admission of students to the above institutes depends on their performance at nation-wide exams taking place in the 3rd grade of the upper secondary school.

The Hellenic Open University (ΕΑΠ/EAP) is an organisational variation of university education, which aims to provide distance learning (undergraduate and postgraduate) and training.


Hellenic Open University (EAP)

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Date: 2009
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