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country: Spain

Tertiary education in the Spanish education system comprises the following types of provision:
  • university education,
  • advanced Artistic studies,
  • advanced vocational training,
  • advanced vocational Plastic Arts and Design studies, and
  • advanced Sports studies.
Advanced Artistic studies, advanced vocational Plastic Arts and Design studies and advanced Sports studies are part of the enseñanzas de régimen especial.

University education, with the highest number of students, is structured into cycles with specific training objectives and autonomous academic value. According to this organisational model, there are currently four types of provision: first cycle studies (short cycle) of 3 years’ duration, first and second cycle studies (long cycle) of 5-6 years’ duration, second cycle studies (2 years’ duration), and third cycle studies (1 or 2 years’ duration). However, in accordance with the new regulations following the Bologna Declaration, by 2010, the new syllabuses will have to adapt to the new structure of university education. When that occurs, this type of provision will be structured into three cycles: Bachelor, Master and Doctorate.

Advanced Artistic studies include advanced Music and Dance studies, Dramatic Arts studies, Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Assets studies, advanced Design studies, and advanced Plastic Arts studies, which, in turn, include advanced Ceramics studies and advanced Glass studies.

Advanced vocational training qualifies students to exercise different professions and constitutes a non-university post-secondary level.

The 2006 Ley Orgánica de Educación, LOE (Act on Education) established advanced vocational Plastics Arts and Design studies, which have been developed by the 2007 Royal Decree that establishes its organisation. These studies will replace the ciclos formativos of advanced Plastics Arts and Design from the academic year 2008/09 onwards.

When it comes to advanced Sports studies, they provide the necessary technical training for the professional development in the relevant sports specialisation.



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