Turkey - Introduction

country: Turkey

Tertiary education system in Turkey covers all the institutions implementing at least two year programs after secondary education. Higher education system consists of universities, high technology institutes, higher vocational schools and other off-university higher education institutions (higher police and military schools and academies) (ISCED 5A, 5B ve 6 levels). Most of the higher education institutions are public institutions and rest of them are private (foundation) institutions.

Universities consist of full time four-five-six-year faculties that lead to bachelor's degree and vocational education based four year higher schools, two-year higher vocational schools with completely vocationally oriented education leading to associate degrees and institutes (graduate schools) that execute graduate programs. Also higher vocational schools can be founded independently. Besides Anadolu University in Eskişehir has associate degree programs and bachelor’s degree programs that conduct education via distant education. Currently there are 115 universities 85 of which are public and 30 of which are private (run by non-profit foundations) and one private independent higher vocational school (run by a non-profit foundation), seven military higher education institutions within Turkish higher education system. Universities as corporate bodies are entitled to award any vocational and academic degrees at every level. Not any school types or stages exist between secondary education and higher education.

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Date: 2009
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